Andrea Londakova is an authorised architect, activist and an author based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has experience in architecture of public buildings, renovation and urban design.

She has a diverse academic background, including studies at KTH, Royal technical university in Stockholm, UCL Bartlett school of planning, London UK and Slovak technical University in

She feels strongly about social justice, livable cities and environmental and social sustainability.




Andrea is an architect SAR/MSA and has worked at the renowned architecture studio LLP, Lindstrand Larsson Palme Arkitektkontor since 2018 as both junior and senior architect in projects spanning from newly built preschools and schools to renovations and adaptations of public buildings to community centres, libraries, or exhibitions spaces, as well as urban design projects.

At LLP, she contributed to projects varied in scale from first sketches and models to detailed construction drawings. Her personal interest lies especially in urban design and she strives to bring the approach of “city at eye level” to every project.

LLP was nominated for Kasper Salin prize in 2019 (most important architecture prize in Sweden), Mies van der Rohe award in 2021 and preschool Träffen was awarded 2022´s Best school building.


Quotes from her recommendations:

“Andrea has a fantastic work ethic. Her ability to adapt to new learning environments and alternative teaching methods was very impressive. Andrea clearly has a very indepth and sophisticated set of design skills from her time within architecture. Andrea has a confidence and presence that suit the collaborative area. She has strong, well-founded opinions and very good problem solving abilities.”

Kevin H Green
Teacher of Architectural studies design course at Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK.

“Andrea is an exemplary, responsible, systematically working student exhibiting deep interest even in hidden meanings and genius loci in the field of architecture. She is cooperative and a team worker, friendly and fortcoming with collegues. In both verbal and graphic communication she manifests great attentiveness, receptivity and capacity for constructive dialogue. She approchaes the given task with initiative, drive and ability to search for creative solutions in every situations, hence she is brilliant, exemplary student of our Faculty.  She considers her assignments with regard to their complementary broader philosophical, aesthetical, structural, ethical and historical aspects. She continually continually confronts theoretical basis with real picture provided by partial case studies that take into account broader societal relations and sense of preserving cultural identity.”

doc. Ing. arch Jan ilkovic, PhD
Vice-dean for study, Head of department of Structural Engineering, Teacher of Architectural Studio at Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology

Professional experience:

08/2018 - present

2016 - 4 months

2015 - 2 months

Larsson Lindstrand Palme Arkitektkontor
Junior and senior architect
Public buildings, Stockholm, Sweden

Nice Architects
Bratislava, Slovakia

Siebert + Talas
Bratislava, Slovakia






2013 - 2017

Msc in Urban studies
KTH, Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting student
Bartlett School of Planning, UCL
London, UK

Bc in Architecture and Urban design
Slovak University of technology
Bratislava, Slovakia

Workshops and courses:

2021         Green building course
                  Green building council
                  Stockholm, Sweden

05/2019   Community-led design
                  Bundesplatz, Berlin, DE
                  with TU, Berlin

03/2019   Participatory installation
                  Fine young urbanists, Riga

2016    Award of Incentive Scholarship for                        
             Excellent Study Results

2015   Award of Incentive Scholarship for                        
           Excellent Study Results


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English:       working proficiency
Slovak:        native language

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