Andrea Londakova is an authorised architect, activist and an author based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has experience in architecture of public buildings, renovation and urban design.

She has a diverse academic background, including studies at KTH, Royal technical university in Stockholm, UCL Bartlett school of planning, London UK and Slovak technical University in

She feels strongly about social justice, livable cities and environmental and social sustainability.




Verbunden Bundesallé

KTH, Participation and placemaking studio with TU Berlin
with Jelizaveta Toporova
Tutors: Andreas Brück, Natasha Aruri, Elahe Karimnia

Bundesalleé is a former boulevard turned highway in Berlin. Our placemaking studio seeked to turn it into a public space through creating a public participation project.

We decided to gradually transform the underused tunnel into a functioning and diverse public space via a series of events or festivals to bring attention to it and find the best functions for it with the participation of the public.

Effect of acupuncture urbanism:

Festivals to bring attention to the tunnel:

Participation plan of local actors:


A - relax and meditation area

B - cinema, show

C - urban garden, market

Visualisation of services of local actors:

Example of using the tunel - plan

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