Andrea Londakova is an authorised architect, activist and an author based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has experience in architecture of public buildings, renovation and urban design.

She has a diverse academic background, including studies at KTH, Royal technical university in Stockholm, UCL Bartlett school of planning, London UK and Slovak technical University in

She feels strongly about social justice, livable cities and environmental and social sustainability.




Sisters, apartment building

Slovak University of Technology
Tutor: Lubica Selcova

Sistersis apartment building on the outskirts of Bratislava. Idea of creating a common courtyard (not usually the case in Slovakia) further developed to be site specific.

As the name suggests it consist of two parts that share both similarities and differences. The set of apartement are accessible from a common built in balcony that also serves as sound insulations from heavy traffic in case of the “lower sisters”. The “upper sister” is lifted to connect the inner courtyard with the existing park. The cantilever creates various private and semi-private places.


Facade and section

1st and 2nd floor plan

3rd and 4th flor plan 

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