Andrea Londakova is an authorised architect, activist and an author based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has experience in architecture of public buildings, renovation and urban design.

She has a diverse academic background, including studies at KTH, Royal technical university in Stockholm, UCL Bartlett school of planning, London UK and Slovak technical University in

She feels strongly about social justice, livable cities and environmental and social sustainability.





Stratford Masterplan
Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

with Adil Sait and Jane Lau
Tutor: Matthew Carmona

Stratford high street typical for English towns has turned into a highway. With rail tracks acting as barriers effectively dividng it. Unsystematic planning and development resulted in “pockets of characters” - disconneted parts of it with distinctive typology and historical background along the street.

Permeability, walkability and human scale, were the main concepts applied in the proposed masterplan.


                Road hierarchy:


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